Welcome!!!  Get to know us.....

We are Blue Jayd.  So what is Blue Jayd, you ask?  Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we are a group of seasoned musicians who decided to form a band based on experience, talent, originality and yes,  the lessons learned over many years in many bands. We have two daring and venturous lead guitar players, a boss bass player, a dynamic drummer, two kick-ass keyboard players and one vivacious vocalist. 

Our objective is to present our original music, while also offering covers that fit our Easy (and maybe not so easy) Rock Style.  We do throw in some of the more popular tunes from over the past few decades as well.  Be sure to visit our music page to get a sampling of our repertoire. 

Blue Jayd is equally at home in intimate settings as well as at large venues.  We fill any space with a unique style of music that lifts and engages the listener!  

Need a band for your next event?  Don't hesitate to give us a call anytime....

508 889-2949 

email: BlueJaydMusic@gmail.com



Originals, Americana, Rock & Roll....and more!

Blue Jayd Music Samples

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    Broke 3:30
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    Rosie 3:14
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